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Alice Korean Drama Review

Yesterday, I finished watching the whole episode of "Alice" Korean drama. I was intrigued by the drama because of the trailer when Joo Won was gonna be hit by a truck and suddenly the time stops around him.


Why am I feeling like this?

Why I feel so empty? I got this feeling from time to time… Empty, bored, dunno what to do… Wanted to do something meaningful but I’m just lazy to move my body. What a bum, right? Hays… my husband suggest that we go to mall together with my mother to unwind. But then, I am… Continue reading Why am I feeling like this?


Mother’s Day Celebration at Venice Grand Canal

I wanted to take my mother to a new place she have never been to. So I decided to take Mama with our little brother, little sister and my husband at Venice Grand Canal at Taguig. With the beautiful view of looked-like Venice Italy and refreshing wind (and aircon from the mall) ^_^ it is… Continue reading Mother’s Day Celebration at Venice Grand Canal

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“Something in the Rain” Korean Drama will makes your heart flutter ♥♥♥

I have been intrigued in the drama because while watching "Running Man" (korean variety show), Hana and So Min are so mesmerized or "kinikilig" while talking about Jung Hae In (the second lead male in "While You Were Sleeping" with Bae Suzy and Lee Jong-Suk) and according to Yu Jae Suk, "Something in the Rain" has the highest rating.

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Amazing Experience at Gyeongbokgung Palace (경복궁)

The most unforgettable moment that I loved was when we were passing by the kindergarten students, they saw my husband and constantly shouting “Hwang! Hwang!” (The King! The King!). ^_^

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3 Simple Steps to Rent a Hanbok

As the Korean wave is so popular today, you probably wanting to try and experience to wear a Hanbok when you travel to South Korea.

So here are the 3 easy steps to help you rent a Hanbok:


BRYDGE keyboard for iPad Air2

I am contemplating on buying a new laptop or buying a keyboard for my Ipad Air2.


Performance Tuning – Identifying and Removing Target Bottleneck


Identifying the Target Bottleneck:

The best way to check if there is a target bottleneck is to configure the session such that the data is loaded into a flatfile rather than any table (database).If the session performance improve then we do have a target bottleneck.

Optimizing the Target:

1. Drop Indexes and key constraints. We can Drop & rebuild the indexes in the pre and the post session.

2. Increase the check points intervals.

3. Use External loading (SQL*Loader bulk loads to target files)

4. Increase database network packet size (at oracle level we do so in the tnsnames.ora or listner.ora and in the informatica level we need to increase it inthe informatica server configuration and also in the database server network memory).

5. Improve oracle target database.

6.Use of Partitioning concepts (pass through partitioning, database partitioning, Key partitioning, Hash Key partitioning).

7. Removing of Global indexes and also…

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More About PIVOT Queries

this helps me a lot! thanks!

Hearing the Oracle

complex pivot query with both multiple aggregates and multiple pivots complex pivot query with both multiple aggregate functions and multiple pivot columns An earlier post introduced the PIVOT feature in Oracle’s 11g2 SQL, and described the motivation for pivoting. This one explores a few more complex ways to use pivot queries. We’ll look at:

• Multiple Pivot Columns
• Multiple Aggregate Functions

within the same SQL statement and we’ll see a few errors which commonly arise when building more complex pivot queries like these. Finally, we’ll consider: why would one have a need to UNPIVOT?

Multiple Pivot Columns

Suppose you want to use multiple columns in the pivot argument. In this case you must list the paired column values (or triads — but they multiply quickly) you are interested in gathering, and provide for each a display name. Let’s say we are refining our original object counting query from the earlier post to inspect objects created within the past…

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Korean Visa Application for First Timers

I did not rush to submit my visa application as I wanted to have a smooth visa application process. Without any questions, glitch, or anything that could possibly deny my visa application. I have read numerous blogs posted by people with first-hand experienced on applying Korean visa. Thru reading blogs, I have consolidated the ideas and decided to follow it that I think would help for high chance of approving my visa application.